Tag-Out/Pivot Run video example

Check out this great heightening of a character with a series of Tag-outs.

It’s a simple game played the “right” way. The set-up is clear: Nicole establishes that they’re at the Grand Canyon and Lauren hates it. She hates that there are no video games and that there are “donkey smells.”

Scott establishes the trajectory of the game by Tagging Nicole out. Notice he keeps the pattern of the game. Just like Nicole did the first time randomly, Scott starts – not by quickly establishing the location – but asserting that wherever they are is “pretty awesome.” And Lauren plays her role in the sequence – “I hate it.” Only then is it made clear they’re in the presence of “the Mona Lisa.” That second move is critical – it Sets up players and the audience for a slam dunk Cement Move.

To nit pick, I wish Angela had given a beat between “awesome, right?” and establishing that they were on the moon to let Lauren express her hate, but it’s a small thing. At this point the audience is keyed in to follow the heightening of “awesome place” and Lauren’s triggered “hate.” Listen to that laugh. It could have been enough to edit on – and you can see Jessi coming in to close it down…

BUT the fun thing about a clearly established pattern is how players are able to continue heightening it. Taylor does give that beat between his first line and clarifying the location/object. And oh man is it fun. Lauren commits to heightening her hate only to learn she’s hating her “baby.” It’s a fun reveal and fun for the audience to see Lauren “forced” into that situation. It’s one of the things that can make Tag-out/Pivot runs fun when we are swapping out the catalysts and heightening the emotional reaction of a character’s personal game. 

Check out these other great videos from The Johnsons / Detective mash-up:


The Johnsons are: Scott Beckett, John Hilowitz, Jessi Schmale and Lauren Serpa

Detective is: Sarah Ahmed, Anthony Brazeau, Jesse Hill, Angela Massino, Jonathan Mostowy, Nicole Nielsen and Taylor O’Sullivan

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