Detective Opening video

Detective, a house team at The Coalition Theater, created an Opening inspired by this scene from Black Dynamite where wild associative leaps serve to solve a crime.

The Opening generates a lot of Details for them to inspire future scenes. The big jumps showcase individual’s humor and building on one another showcases their ensemble. It’s high energy and frenetic with focus still being shared.

I loved in this one how they explored creations of imagination which linked back to the initial suggestion of “broom.” It was fun seeing them heighten collaboratively, blowing out one direction before looping back. And they’re making bold choices together.

You should give it a try with your team. I bet it’d make a fun warm-up, too.

Want to watch the full Detective set from 2.23.19? Here it is.


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Detective is: Sarah Ahmed, Anthony Brazeau, Jesse Hill, Angela Massino, Jonathan Mostowy, Nicole Nielsen and Taylor O’Sullivan

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