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Whether you are looking to become a better improviser or desiring to grow into a better improv teacher, I can help.

Teaching improv is my favorite thing.  I love – and excel at – taking subjective processes and developing concrete steps for teaching them.

And I’m extremely proud of my approach as detailed below in my “Improv As Improv Does Bestmanual, combining theory and practical walk-throughs.

My approach to Group Collaboration is based in progressive pattern building, developing a game through agreement, empowerment and repetition (not just through one person’s subjective view of “the first funny thing”).

My approach to Two Person Scenes is based in establishing and heightening patterns of emotional behavior that allow players to react through rather than think through their scenes, making improvisation easier for the performer and more satisfying for the audience.

Teaching improv is the thing I am best at, and I do believe myself to be among the very best at teaching improv.  But don’t take my word for it; engage my manual.

PDF of the full manual 7.1.2018

Links to each chapter in order:The best

1.0 – 3lements
1.1 – The Self Contained Emotional Statement
1.2 – Collaboration
1.3 – Game Mechanics
1.4 – To The Ether Games
1.5 – Help Desk Games
1.6 – More Help Desk Games
1.7 – Hey Everybody GamesThank you
1.8 – More Hey Everybody Games
1.9 – Organic Games
1.9.5 – Organic Games Workshop
2.0 – “Two Person Scene” Theory
2.1 – “Two Person Scene” Practical
2.2 – More “Two Person Scene” Practical
3D.1 – Being Tertiary
3D.2 – Subsequent Beats



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  1. This is a positively superb resource and I want to thank you for creating so much content here for free. It has been a great resource for my own learning as well as helping to bring the beauty of improv to people who weren’t as fortunate to have access to a proper in-person course. My question is if there is any way to easily download this manual for offline reading and to protect it against the pesky thing that sometimes makes great things disappear from the internet, time.

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