Coaching SWOT

I built a SWOT Matrix for improvisation to help coaches identify and articulate beneficial behaviors and suboptimal characteristics of improvised performance.  The elements are defined as follows:

  • Strengths: characteristics that play to the improviser’s advantage
  • Weaknesses: characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage
  • Opportunities: outcomes possible when Strengths are executed
  • Threats: outcomes risked by the existence of Weaknesses

For each Strength there is a corresponding Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.   Identify a Weakness?  The matrix aims to help coaches steer improvisers to the Opportunity of the corresponding Strength and to avoid the Threat of the identified Weakness.  Each set has its own page with instructive text and related links.

View List of Weaknesses

View List of Strengths

Or search for the skill set you’re focused on in the search box at the bottom of this page, just add “swot” to your search.  For example, search “emotion swot.”

SWOT Gallery

Here are the list of Weaknesses – ordered to track with an improviser’s growth from novice to artist – linking to the relevant piece of the matrix:

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