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Teacher, coach or an improv student seeking concrete lesson plans and exercises to use in upping your game? You’ve come to the right page.

Core Curricula:
 Intro to Improv Curriculum 2020 (PDF)
 Character & Relationship Curriculum 2020 (PDF)
 Patterns & Games Curriculum 2020 (PDF)
 Long Form Performance Curriculum 2020 (PDF)
 Teachers Best Practices 2020 (PDF)
Improv Overview In An Hour 2019

Click HERE for a printable version of my “Improv As Improv Does Best” manual, combining theory and practical walks-through. To see its Table of Contents, go HERE.

A hyper-linked Table of Contents of individual exercises is below.  If you’re looking for something specific, type the key words into the search bar at the bottom of this page.  Refine your search with “class,” “curriculum,” “warm up” and/or “exercises.”

Exercises and Lessons:

Introduction to Improvisation:

Character & Emotion:

Patterns & Games:


14 thoughts on “Class Materials

  1. Wow! I absolutely love these class materials. These are so structured with links to examples.Literally, every concept has an accompanying example.
    This is quite the effort. Kudos! Patrick. This is much appreciated.

  2. Best site I’ve ever seen on Drama and Improv. I love the connections built-in to link to next steps activities when certain scenarios are encountered. EXCELLENT!! Thanks!

    Would love some assessment ideas.

    • Thanks, Garth. Could you tell me more about what ideally you’d have RE: assessments?

      • I too would love some assessment ideas! My 8th grade students really struggle with structured scene rehearsal but love improv, which is the direction I am thinking of taking the class. But my administration won’t be happy with a class full of just improv games; I need some way of assessing what they have learned. Written tests don’t seem to fit the bill here. Other than final improv performances, what ideas might you have to assess that students are learning throughout the lessons and exercises?

      • Maybe you could layout some ideal behaviors on a 5pt Always, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never scale. The behaviors could be what administrators would love to see in an 8th grader: Accepts others’ ideas, Shares the air (doesn’t hog focus), Shows vulnerable emotions, Commits to creations, etc.

  3. This is amazing. Thank you so much from a small, start-up company in Australia

  4. What a treasure trove! Thanks so much! I will return with comments after diving in and reading the whole thing. Again…thanks!

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  6. This is WONDERFUL and so useful! A comprehensive curriculum that combines a variety of theories and cited practitioners of improv. Whether you’re new to teaching improv, or you’re a seasoned veteran who needs a bit of a refresher on the HOWS AND WHYS of this art form, this is where it’s at.

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