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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”Sir Issac Newton

The “Improv As Improv Does Best” approach to long-form improvisational performance was developed by Patrick Gantz from 20 plus years improvising with a slew of brilliant players and coaches from myriad theaters and schools of thought.

Patrick started improvising in the seventh grade at James W. Robinson Secondary School thanks to the passionate Douglas “Chip” Rome, the school’s theater coach who established the Northern Virginia improv comedy scene with Theatre Sports Competitions.  For college, Patrick went to The University of Virginia only to find fifteen a cappella groups, five dance companies and no improv – so he started The Whethermen.  After college it was off to Chicago, where Patrick studied at the IO Theater, at the Annoyance Theater and at the feet of the many masters of the art.  His House Team at IO was Alpha Squad, coached by Jason Chin.  Of his side projects, he is most fond of The Second City born Chairs, directed by Bina Martin, that stood out in Chicago and was a smash at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, where The Guardian called him “somewhat overwrought.”  Patrick left Chicago for a relationship, but he did not abandon his affair with improv.  In Washington, DC, Patrick linked up with WIT, The Washington Improv Theater, where he taught (building out the curriculum), coached (the 1st coach of Season Six), performed (with Jackie, Best Friends, Bullsh*t, Deuce, Neutrino Video Project, etc.) and had this nice thing written up about his performance at Del Close.  A new relationship that grew into a marriage (love you, Crista Whitman), brought Patrick to Richmond, VA, where he currently performs, teaches and coaches with The RCC, The Richmond Comedy Coalition.

There’s more to come.  And Patrick can’t wait to share it with you.

And, okay, here’s an update for October 2015: My 200th post is all about me, improv and the things I enjoy that have skills in common with improv.

Oh, yeah, and @Improyster

Patrick’s Life in Links:

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    • Nothing to purchase. It’s all here for free. Enjoy!

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  4. Hi Patrick. This is a great collection of thoughts and I cannot believe we have not met, or if we have, shame on me for being six beers into that conversation. Your thoughts are so well thought out and organized. Funny enough, I compiled my own thoughts long ago (granted quite sloppily – hence my compliment), and I just updated them. Here’s my goofy file if your are interested:

    • Thanks, Bil. I’ll definitely give your stuff a read. I appreciate you sharing and I’m excited to go through it. If you’re ever in Richmond we should have those beers.

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