An Organic Opening video example

The embedded clip is an Organic Opening from a Harold.

In it, the group establishes a progression through three vignettes: Frat Boys, Freshman and Senior Sorority Girls

They engage the environment and make interesting stage pictures.

They leverage verbal patterns of call and response.

And they follow each other.


Want to learn more about the why and how of Openings in long form improvisation?  CLICK HERE.

To The Ether Example – Johnsons’ Giraffe

In this clip, The Johnsons of The Coalition Theater in Richmond, VA use a To The Ether game as their Opening.  This one’s short and sweet.  Following his fellow players after the suggestion of “Giraffe,” the third player references “toes” in his Cement move, following the giraffe down its body.  The fourth move doesn’t follow that progression but follows the language while heightening emotion and physicality.  And it’s thankfully funny enough to earn an edit so nothing has to follow it.