“That’s My Thing” organic group game

Oh, man, this organic group game made me laugh.

It’s simple and fun. All Chapman has to do accept each addition with his character’s garbled, “That’s my thing…” The audience loves him for it! They know he’s getting put upon by his fellow players (literally by the end!) and they reward his acceptance and commitment with laughter.

Help Desk tools are on display here. Maybe in an ideal world they’d’ve slowed down a bit to milk their pattern, allowing Chapman space to build up and lay out his “That’s my thing…sit backwards in chairs, eat cake, get called mommy, and lose all my fingers” progression each time. But maybe in that world we’d’ve lost some of the energy that put Chapman in the eye of the storm and made him our hero.

Collaborative pattern building. “That’s my thing!”

Want to see the full show? HERE it is!

Performers: Chapman Adams, Reid Appleby, Jameson Babbowski, Guy Chapman, Micah Head, Nick Lawton Megan Lemay, Sarah Moseley, Susan Staton, and Ben Weinberg

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