Pattern Save #4 – Old Jobs

Watch this. Keep watching. Wait for it. Stay with it. There it is.

Following the simplest pattern saves the day. And gets a nice big laugh.

The final line about Journalism wouldn’t have been funny if it had been the first line of a scene. It needed the build up.

The Offer dialogue is a little messy – starting with a joke to abandon the scene that was abandoned, ending in “69” territory…

But the Set dialogue – as Set moves shouldclearly established a progression of antiquated occupations. It’s super helpful that the “You work… I didn’t know people still did that anymore” language is repeated because…

…that allows the audience to jump to the joke in their own head after only hearing “So you work in Journalism?” Listen to that laugh. And then listen to the laugh when Micah just says the line everyone was expecting him to say; “I didn’t know people still did that anymore.”

It’s a good joke. But Micah doesn’t just get credit alone for the joke. It’s a joke that really depends on the build up provided by the rest of his team. That Set move is often the unsung hero, but we mustn’t forget the Setter when congratulating the Spiker. 

So the “Pattern Save” goes to Ben Weinberg.

Want to see the full show? HERE it is!

Performers: Chapman Adams, Reid Appleby, Jameson Babbowski, Guy Chapman, Micah Head, Nick Lawton, Megan Lemay, Sarah Moseley, Susan Staton, and Ben Weinberg

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