SWOT #10 – Patterns of Emotional Behavior

The key to sustainable, dynamic two person scenes that are most conducive to improv as improv does best is setting up patterns of emotional behavior.  While in the Facebook age, the world defines their friends by who, what, where and when, we know we know a person when we can say, “That’s how he is.”  It is through how our characters interact with their world – other characters, objects, actions – that the audience comes to know them.  Knowing how our fellow players’ characters will react enables us to play to them, to set them up.  Setting up and leveraging patterns of emotional behavior equips us to establish and evolve expectations to engage and surprise the audience.

Without patterns of emotional behavior, improvisers explain more than they exhibit, they act erratically if they act at all, and they disengage an audience that gives up caring about flat or scatter-shot scenes.

Patterns of Emotional Behavior

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