Hype People warm-up

Whatever we have to say on an improv stage can be spun into gold with enthusiastic agreement.

So we shouldn’t feel like we have to deliver some killer creative line to start a scene.

We should remember, in fact, that what we bring authenticity – what we care about – however mundane – is rich fodder for an improv scene.

So, looking for a warm-up that has players accessing and caring about their daily minutiae that also highlights the fun of immediate enthusiastic support?

Everyone in a circle.

Player One – whoever that is – steps into the middle and shares something mundane that they experienced that day.

Players Two and Three – whoever they choose to be – enter the circle aside Player One and support the shit out of Player One’s position in that experience. They are the ultimate hype people. They speak over each other.

Player One shares three mundane experiences with Players Two and Three hyping up each in a cacophonous roar of support.

For example:

Player One: “I woke up at nine and checked my email.”

Player Two: “Oh, yeah, she rises on her own time, not the sun’s!”

Player Three: “Email first thing? Priorities in check, people!”

Player One: “A client came over at one pm.”

Player Two: “A client came to her! You want me? It’s on my terms!”

Player Three: “She owns her own business, y’aaaaaaaaaallllll.”

Player One: “I had a burrito before coming here.”

Player Two: “Taco’s ain’t shit! Wrap it up!”

Player Three: “Burrr-eat-ooh, friends! Burrr-eat-ooh!”

Then whoever wants to share next and get hyped goes next. Everyone shares. Everyone hypes.

Everyone ends up feeling warm.

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