Imagine What You Can Do With A Scrotum group game

Just imagine.

I bet this video is cleaner than your imagination.  In fact, this example group game runs on so much enthusiasm and support it’s (almost) downright wholesome.

Player are: Shahenn Ali, Teddy Armstrong, Amber Hendrix, Jesse Hill, Meredith Hughes, Laura Kelly and Christopher May

A lot of stuff going on here.  Some of it could be tighter.  Some could have been executed with more patience.  But all of it is fun.

As the game initiator and facilitator, Laura keeps the energy up without overly dominating or dictating the scene.

As Players Two and Three, Christopher and Jesse wisely choose to align, minimizing the number of perspectives that would have to be negotiated.  And neither for a second questions Laura’s intent or halts her forward progress.

From the wings, the rest of the group does not hesitate to support with Walk-Ons and, importantly, Walk-offs.

Little patterns hold the game’s structure together.  Laura’s initial “cup,” “bowl,” “plate” run.  Christopher and Shah giving the phone “fuzzy” reception and having the dog named “Scruffy.”  And of course Jesse’s wish for his girlfriend and subsequently a boyfriend. In reaction to both wishes, Jesse plays the line between meta and authentic, first reacting to his girlfriend’s rapid departure and then reacting to his boyfriend’s comparable size.

Yep, there’s a lot of stuff going on here. Details. Collaboration. Pattern. Emotional Reaction In-The-Moment. It’s a lot of fun.

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