Sounds & Atmosphere exercises

Beyond Objects: Environment is about more than objects. What sounds fill the space? Ambient noises? Loud music? A series of unexpected explosions?

What about the atmosphere? Is it hot? Raining? Low gravity?

Suggested Exercises:

SOUNDSCAPE – Sit players in a circle, give them a location and have them build out the noises of that location. It’s basically one vignette in a Bat opening. Emphasize fleshing out the space. Remind them to share the air.
• Let them create an environment without a suggestion, building on their contributed sounds
Experience the cacophony – push them to explore all the different types of sound: words, mechanics, organics, ambiance, etc.

SPACE JUMP – A short form game focused on exploring Atmosphere. One player enters stage, miming their reaction to an atmosphere (temp, precipitation, pressure, etc.). A second player enters, signifying a new scene. This player sets up a new atmosphere and both players react to it / exist in it. A third player enters and sets up a new atmosphere for all three players to react to. Repeat with a fourth and fifth player. Then have the fifth player leave stage to return the remaining players to the fourth scene. Then the fourth player leaves, returning the scene to the third atmosphere. Repeat until the initial player is back in the initial atmosphere/environment.
Explore the options – push them to explore all the different types of atmosphere: temp, precipitation, pressure, dust, fog, etc.
Feel it, just don’t speak to it – feel the drops of rain, become crippled by the cold, sweat in the heat, etc.

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