Monoscene Video – Hijinx in DC

Want to see a Monoscene?  Here’s a good one.

Greg Tindale, Jordan Hirsch, Amanda Hirsch and Sean Murphy of the Washington, DC based group Hijinx took one suggestion and built a great work of character and relationships out of it.  Check it out.

Here’s Greg’s explanation of the show and its value:

The audience ask was: “What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?”
The suggestion was: “A dead mime.”
The show takes place in the Mime room of a Haunted House. For students of Improv, I think this is a good watch for a few reasons:
1. It’s a strong narrative show that takes place in one location. (a monoscene)
2. Each of the characters have very specific games they are playing. (and games within games)
3. I’m onstage and in the scene for 24 minutes and don’t say a word. All my interaction is non-verbal mime-work.

Thanks Shawn Westfall and Mikael for having us and Darian Glover for recording the show.


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