Cat Videos: One Two Person Scene, Two Games and One Whole Show

The Johnsons’ suggestion was “Cat Food.”  Thus, Cat Videos.

The whole show is worth watching and is included at the bottom of this post.  But first: Mr. Mittens.

Mr. Mittens and his roommate may argue, but their endowments keep conflict from stagnating the scene.  Mr. Mittens is also not the sole star of the scene; as the roommate is more than just “a straight man” and allows his angry reactions ebb and flow.  There’s fun physicality in the scene – in postures, movement and environmental endowments.  It’s well paced along a sustainable trajectory – with players giving each other’s speech space by engaging emotionally and physically.  And of course continued use of “Mr. Mittens” in referring to himself was a fun pattern that showed a consistency of character and never got old.

Fun characters in a well-crafted, funny scene.  Nice work, Johnsons.

But wait; there’s more!

Below are two games I was excited to see in the same show.  Both organically develop Three Against One dynamics.  Both are patient – players follow the evolving pattern, trusting that there will be an edit on the end without worrying about it, forcing it or rushing toward it.

In “Over My Dead Body,” John initiates with a bold move that is purposely ignored; and the question of why dangles over the scene but never consumes it.  Notice how the audience reacts to the second player stepping over John; there’s a rush of relief from the audience as they realize no body’s scared, everyone’s playing and we can all confidently be in the moment.

In “C(at)PA,” yes, that final line is Lauren explaining that she’s finished their taxes.  That’s a direct callback to the Opening’s Duologues and it provides a good “out,” but, again, the mystery that Lauren addresses in the last line never HAD to be addressed to make the scene satisfying. What works is everyone’s commitment to following and heightening the pattern.  Again, no body freaks out to force an explanation, they’re just continuing to play by the rules.  And even when Lauren does drop that last line, it’s discovered, not forced, and, as you can see and hear, the audience loved it.

Here; check out the whole show.

Tired of me only posting videos from The Johnsons?  Send me one of yours!

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