Walk On, Walk Off – The Johnsons at the ballpark video example

Tertiary Player Good Faith Mantra – I will only enter a scene in progress to serve what has already been established.

If you’re entering a scene in progress, that scene is not about you. If you Walk On, you should only do so to heighten a reaction already perceived in the scene – feed a character’s personal game or characters’ scenic game.

And if you Walk On, Walk Off.

And if there’s one Walk On, one should be looking to do more. Be sure to find the rhythm of entering – don’t rush to be the 2nd Walk On, wait for the heigtening of the moment that proceeded the 1st. Make each other look good.

That’s what The Johnsons do.

The Walk On wasn’t needed but it did heighten the discomfort of the nosebleed seats.

The beauty here is twofold: 

One, the players on stage, while affected by the Walk On, kept the scene focused on them.

Two, the Walk On move was seconded, and heightened (I love the pouring of the drink on Lauren’s head). And was triplicated, and heightened more. 

Sure, the scene ends with one player pissing on his fellow players. But it got there organically, earning the right to piss because it spent the time building the “spilling liquids” pattern.

AND, the Tertiary parttern, though bringing the edit down, was still just the icing on the cake – as it should be. The central players’ confusion about the sport being played given their distance from the game was a fully sustainable game in and of itself.

AND be it the progression of personal games, the Walk On pattern or the shared scenic game heightening what type of game is actually being played, it is the emotional heighening that ensures the edit. Care. If nothing else, Care.

Specifically with regard to this scene, but applicable beyond: If your pissing on someone, feel about it. If you’re being pissed on, feel about it.

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