Subsequent Beats Example Video #2 – Hysterical Ball

Watch as the Johnsons’ pattern recognition skills bring down the house and the lights.

I would have liked for Lauren and Townsend to have been given a bit more room to explore their initial mirroring/matching – that was fun. And if additional Players did enter the stage – this was mid-show after all and it’s time to expand beyond Two Person Scenes – I would have loved to see more matching and mirroring rather than new characters who steal the scene’s direction. But, given what did happen in that first beat scene, the final scene capitalizes on the group’s commitment to following  and its pattern recognition skills.  When Lauren and John first enter stage, they don’t know where the scene is going, but when they start mirroring each other then everyone in the group – and the audence – knows where the scene is heading. Whatever Shawn comes out with – as long as he comes out – is going to satisfy an audience.

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