SWOT #9 – Active Endowment

We want active emotions in our scenes, so we need active details to react to.  If the doll your character is afraid of is actually on stage with you, then rather than just talking about how you’re afraid of dolls, you can actually act afraid because that doll is actively making you afraid in-the-moment.  If you endow the object with additional details you can sharpen the trigger for your emotional reaction.  That doll has an empty plasticine smile and way too many teeth for a baby and that’s what creeps you out.  See what’s on stage.  React to what’s on stage.  Define what’s on stage through your emotional reactions.  That’s active endowment.

On the flip side is when we talk about something in the past, in the future or off stage and talk in general, passive terms about our feelings toward that something.  Don’t make the audience wish you were off stage.

Active Endowment

If this Weakness is identified, the following posts may prove helpful in coaching to the Opportunity:
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