SWOT #16 – Beat Structure Rhythm

Subsequent beats leverage an aspect of an originating scene in setting up a new scene. But… As our goal in any scene is establishing and heightening patterns of emotional behavior, initiations of subsequent beats that clearly focus attention on emotional reaction get us to our meat faster and leverage the power of pacing and pattern in building a show.

The green improvisers’ tendency is to follow plot, to rehash the originating scene and/or to simply introduce an old character to a new character and/or situation and hope for the best.  While none of these moves are bad on their own, failure to focus subsequent beats on originating patterns of emotional behavior puts these follow-up scenes at risk of getting lost, growing stale and/or losing the momentum built earlier exactly when the form needs to be getting faster and tighter.

Beat Structure Rhythm

If this Weakness is identified, the following posts may prove helpful in coaching to the Opportunity:
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* Memory
* Heightening with Tag-Outs
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* Pattern Mechanics

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