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Tag out – a “tag out” allows the audience to see how a character from a previous scene will react to another character/scenario/etc.  To perform a tag out, a player enters a scene in progress and literally tags the player that he/she will replace on stage.  The player tagging in should work to be clear in his/her initiation as to what aspect of the original scene s/he is looking to heighten with a new set of stakes/characters/location/etc.

Remember that this is a Tertiary Move and, as such, the move serves what has already been established.  The new scene is not about the newest character (though s/he should also strive to be a dynamic and interesting character) but about serving the initial player.  Therefore a “tag out” should be followed by either A) a series of tag outs, each serving to heighten the progression of the established character game, or B) a “tag back in,” returning the scene to the original pairing.

Example Tag-out Videos:

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