Spider Furniture tertiary move example video

I get excited every time Alan Volmer and Jonathan Nelson start a scene together.  They’re able to create rich character with rich worlds expressed through rich reactions on a dime.

This scene begins beautifully, with Alan establishing some physical business and Jonathan establishing a Personal Game for himself.

When Alan references his prediliction for spider furniture (you’re just going to have to watch the clip), the resultant game threatens to take over all that’s been established.  But the strength of Alan and Jonathan’s characters prevails and Townsend and John’s heightening and support of the tertiary game makes this an enjoyable scene to watch from start to finish.

The Johnsons are: John Hilowitz, Jonathan Nelson, Townsend Hart and Alan Volmer.

To The Ether Example – Johnsons’ Giraffe

In this clip, The Johnsons of The Coalition Theater in Richmond, VA use a To The Ether game as their Opening.  This one’s short and sweet.  Following his fellow players after the suggestion of “Giraffe,” the third player references “toes” in his Cement move, following the giraffe down its body.  The fourth move doesn’t follow that progression but follows the language while heightening emotion and physicality.  And it’s thankfully funny enough to earn an edit so nothing has to follow it.